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The Searchers (1956), Max Steiner (CD)

The Searchers (1956), Max Steiner (CD)

The Searchers (1956), Max Steiner (Score-CD)
CD mit 36 Tracks
Infos vom Vertrieb: "A Brigham Young University Film Music Archive Production. All proceeds from this limited edition compact disc go towards the acquisition, preservation of film music elements and public future releases. Released by Warner Bros. in 1956, John Ford’s production of THE SEARCHERS is one of the great iconic westerns of American cinema and Max Steiner’s score has gained legendary status in its own right. Steiner had written music for dozens of westerns but this was, by far, his most dynamic and muscular exercise in musical storytelling. From his deft interpolation of Stan Jones’ title song as well as the traditional melody “Lorena” to his lyrical original “Indian Idyll,” to the supremely thrilling action sequences, Max Steiner’s music for THE SEARCHERS is at times pastoral, personal and relentless within the space of twelve reels. Recorded at the famed Goldwyn Stage, the score was orchestrated by Steiner’s longtime colleague Murray Cutter and conducted by the composer. This CD presents the complete score to THE SEARCHERS composed by Max Steiner and the title song by Stan Jones as sung by the Sons of the Pioneers. The score was preserved on acetate discs in the Steiner Collection at Brigham Young University. As a bonus, we have compiled outtake choruses of “The Searchers” into a final vocal encore by the Sons of the Pioneers. The album includes a 32 page book with notes by James V. D'Arc and Ray Faiola. Disc mastering by Ray Faiola, Chelsea Rialto Studios. Package design by Jim Titus"
01. Main Title (1:36)
02. The Prodigal Returns (1:52)
03. Martin Pawley (1:19)
04. A Medal For Debbie (1:49)
05. Newly Minted Gold (1:17)
06. Fond Farewell (0:46)
07. Moving Out (1:25)
08. Anxious Pioneers (2:13)
09. In The Shadow Of Chief Scar (0:21)
10. D Esperate Return (0:35)
11. Edwards House Ablaze (2:00)
12. Rescue Posse Moves Out (1:42)
13. Ethan’s Scouting Report (0:22)
14. Indian Escort And Attack (7:03)
15. If They’re Still Alive (1:07)
16. Mysterious Trail (1:00)
17. False Sighting (0:20)
18. Bad News For Jorgenson (3:32)
19. Laurie Welcomes Martin (0:52)
20. Stubborn Marty (0:52)
21. Decoy For Futterman (2:08)
22. Indian Idyll (3:19)
23. Mrs. Pawley (1:24)
24. Keep Their Bellies Empty (2:59)
25. Cavalry Atrocity (3:18)
26. Charlie Serenades Laurie (1:35)
27. Chief Scar’s Camp (2:01)
28. Teepee Talk (1:47)
29. Debbie Appears (4:24)
30. Unwed Bride (0:46)
31. Overlooking The Indian Camp (1:04*)
32. Hog Back Approach (1:23)
33. Marty Rescues Debbie (1:22)
34. Attack On The Indians (2:35)
35. Home Again / End Title (2:20)
36. The Searchers (4:02)
* Deleted score track previously unreleased

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