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Bloodborne, Ryan Amon / Michael Wandmacher / .. (CD)

Bloodborne, Ryan Amon / Michael Wandmacher / .. (CD)

Bloodborne, Ryan Amon / Michael Wandmacher / .. (Score-CD)
21 tracks, 70 minutes running-time
Information from the distributor: "70 Musik aus dem Score. Zusammen mit Ryan Amon (Elysium) und Michael Wandmacher (Twisted Metal) haben die Hauskomponisten von Sony einen Score kreiert, der die Welt der Verzweiflung, Beklemmung und zugleich Schönheit des Spiels wunderbar untermalt und widerspiegelt. Unter Einsatz eines 65-köpfigen Orchesters sowie eines 32-köpfigen Chors wurden die Tracks in den ehrwürdigen Abbey-Road-Studions sowie Air-Studios in London eingespielt. Ein Muss für alle Fantasy- / Rollenspiel-Fans" - Information from the label: "Showcasing 21 tracks from the music score, the Bloodborne Original Soundtrack features nearly 70 minutes of hauntingly beautiful music performed by a 65-piece orchestra, a 32-piece choir, and multiple vocal and instrumental soloists. Recorded in London at Abbey Road and Air Studios, the score is composed by an all-star team of From Software composers as well as guest composers Ryan Amon (Elysium) and Michael Wandmacher (Twisted Metal). The resulting musical collaboration transports listeners to a world of dread, beauty, and despair with every note, every beat of the drum and every vocalization"
Track list:
01. Omen - Ryan Amon
02. The Night Unfurls - Ryan Amon
03. Hunter's Dream - Ryan Amon
04. The Hunter - Ryan Amon
05. Cleric Beast - Tsukasa Saitoh
06. Blood-Starved Beast - Tsukasa Saitoh
07. Watchers - Yuka Kitamura
08. Hail the Nightmare - Ryan Amon
09. Darkbeast - Tsukasa Saitoh
10. The Witch of Hemwick - Michael Wandmacher
11. Rom, the Vacuous Spider - Yuka Kitamura
12. Moonlit Melody - Ryan Amon
13. The One Reborn - Nobuyoshi Suzuki
14. Micolash, Nightmare Host - Michael Wandmacher
15. Queen of the Vilebloods - Ryan Amon
16. Soothing Hymn - Ryan Amon
17. Celestial Emissary - Ryan Amon
18. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos - Yuka Kitamura
19. The First Hunter - Tsukasa Saitoh
20. Moon Presence - Ryan Amon
21. Bloodborne - Ryan Amon


Year of publishing: 2015
Format: CD

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