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Poveri Milionari (1959), Armando Trovajoli (CD)

Poveri Milionari (1959), Armando Trovajoli (CD)

Poveri Milionari (1959), Armando Trovajoli (Score-CD)
Digipack-CD mit 19 Tracks und 55:58 Minuten Laufzeit
Infos vom Label: „Digitmovies publish, for the first time on CD, the complete edition of the soundtrack by Armando Trovajoli for the movie “Poveri milionari” (“Poor Millionaires”). Soundtrack information: We are very happy to be able to publish for the first time ever the instrumental soundtrack by Maestro Trovajoli. Armando Trovajoli has composed pleasant background instrumentals based on orchestral variations of the main theme. These also include danceable tracks with his unique style that we all love so much. This is a true restoration and a fitting preservation of the Golden Age of Italian Cinema and the Musical Art of Armando Trovajol, thanks to the mono-master tapes of the recording sessions in 1959 which have survived until today in excellent condition. The CD includes the songs and their instrumental versions (the track “Amare un’altra” appears here in a rare stereo mix). At the time, the theme song “Poveri milionari” by Verde-Trovajoli played by Tony Dallara was released on 45 rpm for HI-FI MUSIC RECORDS (EPM 10157). Whilst the songs “La mia piccola pena” by Borgazzi–Testoni and “Amare un’altra” by Fabor-Pazzaglia played by Fred Buscaglione e i suoi Asternovas were recorded on the singles label Cetra.
Movie information: “Poveri milionari” (“Poor Millionaires”) 1959, directed by Risi
Story: Two married couples from Rome, Romolo (Arena) and Annamaria (Panaro), Salvatore (Salvatori) and Marisa (De Luca), celebrate their wedding ceremony on the same day and decide to leave for their honeymoon in Florence together. Due to a series of mishaps and trivial accidents the journey is cancelled. Upon returning to Rome, the two couples find a makeshift accommodation in an unfinished apartment. Salvatore leaves the house after an argument with his wife but is hit by a car driven by Alice (Koscina), the wealthy owner of a department store. Salvatore goes into shock and loses his memory. Alice feels obligated to take care of him and lets him stay in her luxurious mansion. She soon falls in love with Salvatore and appoints him as Director General of the Department Store, where Romolo works as a cashier. Romolo tries everything to bring his friend’s memory back because he wants to regain possession of a large sum of money that Salvatore had with him at the time of the accident...
Starring: Maurizio Arena, Renato Salvatori, Lorella De Luca, Alessandra Panaro, Sylva Koscina, Memmo Carotenuto, Gildo Bocci, Roberto Rey, Lina Ferri, Fred Buscaglione, José Jaspe, Miguel Viade"
01. Poveri Milionari (Seq.1 - Titoli Di Testa) (02:27)
02. Poveri Milionari (Seq.2) (06:19)
03. Poveri Milionari (Seq.3) (01:27)
04. Amare Un'altra (Vocal - Mix Stereo) (02:51)
05. Poveri Milionari (Seq.4) (06:15)
06. Poveri Milionari (Seq.5) (06:22)
07. Poveri Milionari (Seq.6) (02:49)
08. La Mia Piccola Pena (Vocal) (03:12)
09. Poveri Milionari (Seq.7) (01:21)
10. Poveri Milionari (Seq.8) (02:23)
11. Poveri Milionari (Seq.9) (02:25)
12. La Mia Piccola Pena (Strum.) (03:21)
13. Poveri Milionari (Seq.10) (01:27)
14. Poveri Milionari (Seq.11) (01:53)
15. Amare Un'altra (Strum.) (02:50)
16. Poveri Milionari (Seq.12) (03:19)
17. Poveri Milionari (Seq.13) (02:07)
18. Poveri Milionari (Seq.14) (01:59)
19. Poveri Milionari (Seq.15 - Finale) (01:11)

DPD M014 Digitmovies

Veröffentlichung: 2014
Format: CD


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