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A Poet in New York (2014), Debbie Wiseman (CD)

A Poet in New York (2014), Debbie Wiseman (CD)

A Poet in New York (2014), Debbie Wiseman (Score-CD)
CD mit 18 Tracks.
Wiseman’s score includes a bit of English poetry read by Tom Hollander (on 1 track
Infos vom Label: "2014 is the centenary of the birth of the celebrated Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. This BBC production starring Tom Hollander (Rev, Any Human Heart) captures the last few days of his life in New York with his wistful yearning for the country of his birth. Debbie Wiseman is one of the UK’s most prolific composers with over 200 credits for film and TV. Her work includes feature films Tom & Viv, Wilde, Tom’s Midnight Garden, Arsene Lupin and Flood. For TV, Judge John Deed, Father Brown, WPC56 and the soundtrack to Britain on Sunday mornings, The Andrew Marr Show. Awarded an MBE in 2004 she is also an acclaimed conductor and takes up the baton on this release with the world famous Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This release also features Tom Hollander reading Now As I Was Young And Easy and Do Not Go Gentle. “Debbie found a rather special voice. Her score is lyrical. It is perfectly engaging emotionally and it echoes the character of Dylan Thomas and his poetry beautifully” - Aisling Walsh - Director - A Poet In New York"
01. A Poet In New York
02. Fabulous Filthy City
03. Willy Nilly, Postman
04. The Boat House
05. Now As I Was Young And Easy - Tom Hollander
06. And You, My Father
07. Caitlin
08. Air And Playing
09. To Begin At The Beginning
10. Anything You Need
11. Used To Be So Happy
12. Can’t Swim, Can’t Run
13. Time Let Me Hail And Climb
14. Had Enough, Little Cough?
15. Eighteen Whiskies
16. Fern Hill
17. Do Not Go Gentle - Tom Hollander
18. Dylan


Veröffentlichung: 2014
Format: CD


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