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Trinita e Sartana: Figli di ... (1972), Carlo Savina (CD)

Trinita e Sartana: Figli di ... (1972), Carlo Savina (CD)

Trinita e Sartana: Figli di ... (1972), Carlo Savina (Score-CD)
CD mit 25 Tracks
Infos vom Label: "Digitmovies continues it's musical journey, through the scorching desert lands of the Italian Western, by publishing, for the first time, in it’s entirety on CD and in full stereo, the soundtrack by Carlo Savina for the movie “Trinità e Sartana figli di…” (aka "Trinity and Sartana are coming") directed in 1972 by Mario Siciliano and starring Robert Widmark (pseudonym of Alberto Dell'Acqua), Harry Baird (the muscular black actor who starred in 1963's Peplum "Le gladiatrici”, the western directed by Lucio Fulci in 1976 “I quattro dell’apocalisse" and in the recurring role of Lt. Mark Bradley in the 1970 cult TV series "UFO"), Beatrice Pellh, Stelio Candelli, Dante Maggio, Ezio Marano, Lars Bloch, Domenico Maggio, Nello Pazzafini, Carla Mancini, Enzo Andronico, Daniela Giordano. Sartana (Baird) and Trinity (Widmark) commit a bank robbery. They are friends and good robbers who always end up with giving away or losing all the loot. They take refuge in the small village of Quintana and must contend with the overbearing Barton (Candelli) who wants to take over the lands of the farmers. Against them is also the Mexican bandit El Tigre (Marano), from who they steal two million pesos in gold, but of course on leaving they will be empty handed again! For this CD, which lasts 50:53 minutes, we used every note preserved in the master tapes, in stereo from the original recording session. Carlo Savina has written a nice soundtrack based on a recurring funny and light-hearted theme in a beat key, which is a good representation of the two hapless protagonists. The author alternates this motive with mysterious music, saloon style pieces and a romantic love theme with a Lounge flavour"
01. Seq. 1 - titoli (2:04)
02. Seq. 2 (2:19)
03. Seq. 3 (2:07)
04. Seq. 4 (1:37)
05. Seq. 5 (2:23)
06. Seq. 6 (1:23)
07. Seq. 7 (3:15)
08. Seq. 8 (2:37)
09. Seq. 9 (1:24)
10. Seq. 10 (1:16)
11. Seq. 11 (1:29)
12. Seq. 12 (2:38)
13. Seq. 13 (1:11)
14. Seq. 14 (2:27)
15. Seq. 15 (1:56)
16. Seq. 16 (1:52)
17. Seq. 17 (1:34)
18. Seq. 18 (2:16)
19. Seq. 19 (1:24)
20. Seq. 20 (1:12)
21. Seq. 21 (1:44)
22. Seq. 22 (1:26)
23. Seq. 23 (4:03)
24. Seq. 24 (2:11)
25. Seq. 25 - finale (2:05)

CDD M253 Digitmovies

Veröffentlichung: 2014
Format: CD


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