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Europa Report, Bear McCreary (CD)

Europa Report, Bear McCreary (CD)

Europa Report, Bear McCreary (Score-CD)
CD mit 14 Tracks und 56:24 Minuten Laufzeit
Infos vom Label: "Bear McCreary's pulsing score for Sebastián Cordero's EUROPA REPORT provides an affecting emotional arc to the film, which tells the story of an international crew of astronauts who undertake a privately funded mission to search for life on Jupiter's fourth largest moon. The soundtrack represents the music from EUROPA REPORT configured for the best listening experience"
01. Lift Off (3:11)
02. The View (2:47)
03. Landing on Europa (4:17)
04. Mausoleum (4:24)
05. The Drill (3:55)
06. Europa Report (For Solo Piano) (2:47)
07. Cosmically Astounding (5:10)
08. Water (2:45)
09. Under the Ice (5:01)
10. Hydranize (5:24)
11. That Brings Us to Now (6:10)
12. Airlock (3:16)
13. A World Other Than Our Own (1:47)
14. Theme for Europa Report (5:30)

Sparks & Shadows


Veröffentlichung: 2013
Format: CD


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