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Revenge, Izler (CD)

Revenge, Izler (CD)

Revenge (2011), Izler (Score-CD)
CD mit 23 Tracks und 65:05 Minuten Laufzeit
Infos vom Label: "Dramatic music composed & conducted by iZLER from Seasons One & Two of hit ABC TV series! Armed with 50-piece orchestra plus electronics, Czech-born, English-raised iZLER creates music melding traditional sensibilities of melody, harmony with abundance of fresh ideas to fashion exciting, cohesive work. With New York setting, twisted tale of passion, suspense, redemption all play musically in composer's capable hands. iZLER selects highlights from first two seasons to build dynamic 65-minute CD! iZLER produces album, conducts orchestra"
01. Mortal Vindication (Revenge Main Theme) (2:30)
02. Lose Your Compassion (1:38)
03. Previous Investments (2:03)
04. Destiny (3:23)
05. The Wrong Amanda (Emily And Aiden theme) (1:43)
06. Who Is The Falcon? (2:07)
07. Meet The Graysons (2:25)
08. The Christening (1:51)
09. Tyler Goes Nuts (2:03)
10. Return To The Fire And Ice Ball (1:46)
11. Don’t Say A Word (1:52)
12. The Marriage Of Jack And Fauxmanda (3:12)
13. Honor Thy Father (2:00)
14. High Tension Boating (SOS Theme Pt.1) (3:48)
15. The Sinking (SOS Theme Pt.2) (4:44)
16. Requiem For Amanda (4:56)
17. Sins Of The Mother (3:23)
18. Farewell Fauxmanda (3:25)
19. Darkness (2:39)
20. Stabbed In The Back (2:28)
21. A Farewell To Porters (2:03)
22. I Am Amanda Clarke (7:23)
23. Adagio For Emily / Let It Play (1:32)


Veröffentlichung: 2013
Format: CD


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