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Commando Di Spie (Consigna: Matar Al Comandante), Fidenco (CD)

Commando Di Spie (Consigna: Matar Al Comandante), Fidenco (CD)

Commando Di Spie (Consigna: Matar Al Comandante En Jefe) (1970), Nico Fidenco (Score-CD)
CD mit 24 Tracks
Infos vom Label: "COMMANDO DI SPIE (aka WHEN HEROES DIE, aka CONSIGNA: MATAR AL COMANDANTE EN JEFE), 1970, is a war movie directed by José Luis Merino. At that time, C.A.M. released a promotional album containing twelve selections in stereo (duration 28:34). This CD includes music from both the master tape assembled for the 33 RPM and the stereo master tapes of the original session, that surprisingly have brought to light more than twenty minutes of unreleased material. Total time of this album 50:27. Nico Fidenco composed the theme, Annabella, dedicated to the starring actress Annabella Incontrera. It is a romantic love theme, with pop arrangement for large orchestra, conducted by Giacomo Dell’Orso, who also did the orchestration. This theme is often reprised in the OST, alternated to dramatic and mysterious music background for all the war and espionage sequences"
01. Annabella 3:49
02. Fuggi, Uomo 2:08
03. Nelle Fogne 2:47
04. Non Ricordo 1:28
05. Il Rimpianto Di Richard 0:58
06. Commando Di Spie 2:36
07. Quanti Ricordi 1:59
08. Rivelazione 2:47
09. Transfert 2:55
10. La Fretta 1:24
11. I Carri Armati 1:51
12. Annabella 3:23
Bonus Tracks - Previously Unreleased
13. Fuggi, Uomo (Alt. Mix) 2:07
14. Annabella 1:55
15. Commando Di Spie 1:01
16. Annabella 1:48
17. Commando Di Spie (Gavotta) 1:49
18. Quanti Ricordi 1:43
19. Commando Di Spie 2:59
20. Il Rimpianto Di Richard (Alt. Take) 1:31
21. Rivelazione (Fi Lm Version) 1:25
22. Il Rimpianto Di Richard 1:25
23. Annabella 1:21
24. Il Rimpianto Di Richard 2:18

GDM 4305

Veröffentlichung: 2013
Format: CD


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