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Passion - I'm so excited (2012), Pino Donaggio (CD)

Passion - I\'m so excited (2012), Pino Donaggio (CD)

Passion - I'm so excited (2012), Pino Donaggio (Score-CD)
CD mit 12 Tracks und 48:04 Minuten Laufzeit
Infos vom Label: "Passion is the much-anticipated new collaboration between the modern master of suspense Brian De Palma and the wonderful composer Pino Donaggio, twenty years after their last film together. Their first collaboration was the horror classic Carrie (1976). De Palma had intended for Bernard Herrmann to score the film, but the composerís untimely death forced the director to look for a replacement. He found a perfect alter-ego in Donaggio, a Venetian composer whose film score debut - the haunting music for Nicholas Roegís thriller Don't Look Now - had been a great success. De Palma and Donaggio continued to work together on a number of film noirs, which in addition to being initially successful have gone on to become cult classics of American cinema from the late í70s and early í80s: Blow Up, Dressed to Kill and Body Double. The failure of the thriller Raising Cain, in the early í90s, ended one of the more celebrated collaborations of modern cinema ... until now! De Palmaís new thriller, Passion, stars Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace. Donaggioís score is suggestive, romantic, stylish and elegant. It is a great pleasure to hear again the unmistakable sweet sound of death, courtesy of Donaggio and De Palma. Donaggioís score is performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Natale Massara"
01. Twin Souls (03:09)
02. The Breakdown (03:14)
03. Passion Theme (04:09)
04. Back Issues (01:19)
05. Know That Know (04:27)
06. A Dreamer's Dream (03:15)
07. Prélude ‡ LíaprËs-Midi díun Faune (Debussy) (10:25)
08. Perversions and Diversions (03:45)
09. The Last Drop (02:16)
10. Higher Heels (01:05)
11. Journey Though a Nightmare (07:44)
12. Last Surprise (03:16)


Veröffentlichung: 2013
Format: CD


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