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Stuntman (1968), Carlo Rustichelli (CD)

Stuntman (1968), Carlo Rustichelli (CD)
Stuntman (1968), Carlo Rustichelli (Score-CD)
CD mit 28 Tracks
Infos vom Label: "A precious recovery dedicated to the music composed by one of the greatest of Cinecittà, the original motion picture soundtrack of STUNTMAN composed by one of the fathers of Italian film music, Carlo Rustichelli. A late 60s action movie where engines, stunts and sentimental vicissitudes of a "hero" interpreted by Robert Viharo represent the occasion for a symphonic score in theme with the period in which it has been realized. Danceable, shakes, action and romantic music, everything compiled by the expert hands of an inspired author. The old C.A.M. LP was mono but for this edition we had the chance to work on the stereo master for a wonderful sound and a lot of bonus tracks! Another meeting with great music for Italian cinema you can't miss!"
The original album
01. Controfigura (3:03)
02. We're two, at least (2:22)
03. Russian dance (3:36)
04. Per tutte le strade (1:37)
05. Swing e sesso (1:59)
06. Old night club sound (1:30)
07. Two cars only (2:01)
08. Per tutte le strade (1:20)
09. We're two, at least (2:24)
10. Swing e sesso (2:54)
11. Controfigura (1:41)
12. Two cars only (1:42)
13. Per tutte le strade (1:38)
14. Swing e sesso (1:05)
15. Controfigura (1:40)
16. Per tutte le strade del mondo (2:43)
17. Controfigura (2:20)
18. Russian dance (2:16)
19. Swing e sesso (3:56)
20. Swing e sesso (1:18)
21. Stuntman seq. 1 (1:01)
22. Stuntman seq. 2 (3:49)
23. Stuntman seq. 3 (2:17)
24. Swing e sesso (1:39)
25. Two cars only (2:27)
26. Old night club sound (1:38)
27. Swing e sesso (1:24)
28. Controfigura (1:14)

Beat CD BCM 9507
Veröffentlichung: 2012
Format: CD


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