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Soul Of The Ultimate Nation, Howard Shore (CD)

Soul Of The Ultimate Nation, Howard Shore (CD)
Soul Of The Ultimate Nation (2006), Howard Shore (Score-CD)
Collector's Edition Vol. 2
CD mit 20 Tracks
Infos vom Label: "Howard Shore began writing the score for the massive multiplayer online role-paying game, Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN) in the summer of 2004. In November of that year, Shore was in Moscow conducting The Lord of the Rings Symphony at the Kremlin with the National Philharmonic of Russia and Victor Popov's Academy of Choral Arts. Following the Moscow concerts he traveled with the orchestra and chorus for another three concerts in Tokyo. "I was still composing the music for SUN at this time and while in Japan I decided I wanted to write the piece specifically for this orchestra and chorus," said Shore. "I wanted the chorus to sing in ancient Korean as a way to express the world of SUN. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring together the western and eastern concepts at play. The pieces were composed as tone poems to express the different characters, cultures and the world of this wonderfully detailed game." The game SUN has gradually made its way around the world although the music has only been released in parts of Asia"
01. Sanctuary of Ether
02. A Prelude to Revolt
03. Tides of Hope
04. Helron's Castle
05. The Triumph
06. The Valley of Dragons
07. Forest of the Beasts
08. Empire Geist
09. The Epitaph
10. Night of the Crescent Moon
11. Hymns of Battlefields
12. Immortal Emperor
13. March to Victory
14. A Poem for Nemesis
15. Soul of the Ultimate Nation
16. Requiem for the Dead
17. Ethereal Life
18. A Pernicious Plot
19. Graveyard of Aiort
20. Menace of the Army Wings

Veröffentlichung: 2012
Format: CD


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