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Observations: Symphonic Encounters From Galileo.. Space Age (CD)

Observations: Symphonic Encounters From Galileo.. Space Age (CD)

Observations: Symphonic Encounters From Galileo To The Space Age (Score-CD)
CD mit 9 Tracks und 79:44 Minuten Laufzeit.
Infos vom Label: "On October 4, 2009, Arthur B. Rubinstein led his Symphony In The Glen orchestra in a historic concert at Griffith Observatory, launching the world-famous observatory's "Cosmic Conjunctions" program. Highlighting was the world premiere of his own spectacular and evocative "Observations", a lengthy 21-minute concert piece for orchestra and narrator, with Leonard Nimoy as guest narrator. Shortly thereafter, Rubinstein brought his symphony into the studio and professionally recorded the music under optimum conditions for this current CD. Again highlighting is Rubinstein's dazzling concert piece, now with a bonus! The work is heard once with narration by Leonard Nimoy, then again in purely orchestral form! Remaining items in the program include Monteverdi's "Fanfare-Toccata from Orfeo", newly scored by Mark Hoder (Rubinstein's orchestrator on WARGAMES) plus a crystal clear reading of Milhaud's famed "La Creation Du Monde". Filling out every remaining moment of the CD are pieces by Rameau and Dupare. This CD is produced through exclusive arrangement between Griffith Observatory, Symphony In The Glen musicians, guest narrator Leonard Nimoy and Intrada. Arthur B. Rubinstein conducts"
Claudio Monteverdi / Hoder:
01. Fanfare-Toccata from Orfeo 2:09
Jean-Phillipe Rameau
Suite from Castor et Pollux:
02. Overture 3:49
03. Castor Funeral 2:47
04. Tambourin 2:47
05. Chaconne Finale 5:23
Henri Duparc:
06. Aux Etoiles 4:00
Darius Milhaud:
07. La Création du Monde 16:47
Arthur B. Rubinstein (Premiere Recording):
08. Observations (Leonard Nimoy narrating) 21:20
09. Observations (Orchestral Version) 20:17


Veröffentlichung: 2011
Format: CD


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