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The Saint, Edwin Astley (4-CD) (CD)

The Saint, Edwin Astley (4-CD) (CD)
The Saint, Edwin Astley (4-CD) (Score-CD) (lagernd!)
4-CD-Set im DVD-Format
Infos vom Label: "Never previously released and compiled from the original master tapes, this four-CD set comprises the varied themes and incidental scores for the colour editions of The Saint, containing over 200 pieces of music and songs which were especially composed for the series. Composer Edwin Astley's distinctive take on Leslie Charteris famous literary character - and his familiar musical motif - leads into danger across the world for gentleman adventurer Simon Templar. In Geneva, he is approached by a young lady to rescue her defecting father from the soviets. In Wales, he finds death stalking the misty countryside in the form of a giant ant. In Vienna, he aids a young woman found standing over a murdered prince with a gun in her hand. In Amsterdam, he acts as bodyguard for the transportation of a priceless diamond. In Britain, he is hired to join a group of mercenaries masquerading as an army unit. Two feature-length tales see him tangling with the bizarre SWORD organisation which has sprung from the pages of a thriller novel as well as seeking revenge for the victim of a Mafia killing while on a visit to Naples. Added to this are songs and tunes to fit the flamenco dances and calypsos of bars in South American and the West Indies, as well as the night clubs, hippy parties and pop scene of swinging Sixties London. Including extensive liner notes from archive television historian Andrew Pixley, this set is an essential purchase for all ITC aficionados"

Network 7959011
Veröffentlichung: 2010
Format: CD


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