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Escape (2012), Edwin Wendler (CD)

Escape (2012), Edwin Wendler (CD)
Escape (2012), Edwin Wendler (Score-CD)
Auf 500 Stück limitierte CD mit 15 Tracks und 58:11 Minuten Laufzeit
Infos vom Label: "An action/drama hybrid score by composer Edwin Wendler! The movie (recently released on BD and DVD) is about two doctors (C. Thomas Howell, Anora Lyn) who volunteer at a clinic in Thailand. One of them gets kidnapped and plans a daring escape with a fellow captive (John Rhys-Davies). Wendler combines sweeping orchestral themes with exciting chase music featuring ethnic percussion. The main theme is among Wendler's very best so far. The City of Prague Philharmonic is conducted by Nic Raine. Produced by Edwin Wendler and Robin Esterhammer, with special thanks to producer James Chankin. Limited to 500 units!"
01. Andaman Sea (02:45)
02. The Highjacking / Cambridge (03:27)
03. Plans (02:22)
04. Welcome To Thailand (02:19)
05. Patients (03:13)
06. Chase And Abduction (02:19)
07. The Island (03:51)
08. Stop That Kid! (01:58)
09. Ashes To Beauty (02:53)
10. Diversion (02:07)
11. Tribulation (01:09)
12. Point Of No Return (06:39)
13. Escape (09:37)
14. The Shore (07:05)
15. Escapees (06:27)

PR PRD 058 Perseverance
Veröffentlichung: 2012
Format: CD


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