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Music for the Movies: Georges Delerue (DVD)

Music for the Movies: Georges Delerue (DVD)
Music for the Movies: Georges Delerue (DVD)

Dies ist kein Soundtrack, überhaupt keine CD oder sonstiger Tonträger! Dies ist eine DVD (DVD-Video).

This is a documentary and celebration of motion picture composer Georges Delerue, who composed music for more than 200 films over a 40-year career span. Delerue worked for some of the finest French New Wave and Hollywood cinema directors and composed some haunting music for such classic films as Hiroshima Mon Amour, Jules et Jim, The Last Metro, Steel Magnolias, Salvador, and Platoon. This documentary includes interviews with Georges Delerue, directors Ken Russell and Oliver Stone, archival footage of Delerue's life, and clips from the films Delerue scored, including Shoot the Piano Player, Women in Love, Two English Girls, and The Story of Adele H.
Director: Jean-Louis Comolli
SubTitles: Subtitled
Run Time: 59 Minutes.
01. Opening (:24)
02. Le Mépris/Contempt (2:57)
03. Salvador (4:00)
04. Shoot the Piano Player (6:13)
05. Don't Shoot the Composer (2:50)
06. Jules and Jim (4:48)
07. Une Aussi Longue Absence (2:39)
08. The Story of Adele H. (4:26)
09. Two English Girls (6:03)
10. A Walk With Love and Death (11:10)
11. Women in Love (12:08)
12. Credits (1:29)

Veröffentlichung: 2007
Format: DVD

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