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Scarlet Tunic (1997), John Scott (CD)

Scarlet Tunic (1997), John Scott (CD)
Scarlet Tunic (1997), John Scott (Score-CD)
CD mit 35 Tracks und 63:29 Minuten Laufzeit

01. Prologue
02. Main Titles - The arrival of the King's Hussars
03. Mr. Gould proposes to Frances
04. Captain Fairfax
05. Frances meets Sergeant Matthaus Singer
06. Frances and Sergeant Singer
07. A message for Captain Fairfax
08. Fairfax discipline
09. The red shawl
10. At the tavern
11. Francis and Matthaus discuss poetry
12. Francis and Matthaus continue their walk
13. Threat of execution
14. New expectations
15. Talk of desertion
16. The first execution
17. Meeting in the stable
18. Trumpets and drums of the Kings Hussars
19. Sergeant Singer and Captain Fairfax play chess
20. Mr. Gould's letter
21. Matthaus and Frances declare their love
22. The day at the coast
23. A flogging
24. Driven to desertion
25. Frances and Matthaus seal their fate
26. Bidding goodbye
27. Departure from home
28. Trying to reach the rendezvous
29. Mr. Gould's secret marriage
30. Frances takes flight
31. Capture of Matthaus
32. Frances find the scarlet tunic
33. Execution of Matthaus
34. Christoff returns
35. Scarlet tunic - End Credits

JOS 125
Veröffentlichung: 1997
Format: CD

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